Eight Hour Skin Protectant 50ml - Limited Edition

Eight Hour Skin Protectant 50ml - Limited Edition

This moisturizing stick with SPF 15 helps prevent sunburn and relieve chapped, cracked lips due to dryness, leaving them soft, smooth, and protected. Its small size makes it the perfect must-have travel companion, for nourished lips anywhere and everywhere.

Moisturize and protect skin from head to toe with this all-in-one beauty balm—with infinite uses, the sky’s the limit!


A little love can go a long way.

It’s the truth. That’s why we partnered with muralist artist J. Goldcrown on a limited edition that puts a heart warming spin on our beloved Eight Hour®

"Eight Hour® Cream is a product that is universally loved, so it makes the perfect partner for the #lovewall concept. Everyone can walk away with a different idea of what ‘love heals’ means to them." - James Goldcrown


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