Sunflowers Eau De Toilette Spray Naturel

Sunflowers Eau De Toilette Spray Naturel

A celebration of life: bright, uplifting, invigorating in spirit and mood.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Melon, Peach, Osmanthus

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Cyclamen

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Moss

When you apply perfumes apply them to pulse points such as the folds in the crook of your elbow and back of knees, wrist, neck and cleavage. Spraying a little into the air is also good if you walk straight into the perfume. This helps to diffuce it over your body. Do not simply apply to the neck as the scent will rise.

Sunflowers symbolizes the sun, capturing its goodness, naturalness and energy. The sunflower best represents what women today strive to become: strong, beautiful, healthy, smart & intuitive.