White Tea Skin Solutions Gentle Purifying Cleanser

White Tea Skin Solutions Gentle Purifying Cleanser

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This gentle and purifying gel cleanser dissolves facial makeup, impurities and even excess sebum. The non-stripping gel formula is blended with purifying Myrtle Leaf to instantly leave skin feeling balanced and soothed and looking healthy and radiant.

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Guided by Science. Nurtured by Nature.

White Tea Skin Solutions Gentle Purifying Cleanser is infused with antioxidant-rich EGCG1 to effectively dissolve facial makeup, impurities, and even excess sebum and defend against environmental aggressors. Blended with purifying Myrtle Leaf, this refreshing cleansing gel leaves skin soft and nourished without stripping away essential moisture. Instantly, skin feels balanced and soothed and looks healthy and radiant. Gentle enough for all skin types, even sensitive skin2.

A Precious Ingredient:

Our White Tea (camellia sinensis) is exceptionally prepared, using only the most delicate young leaves from the Fujian Province in China, hand-picked once a year during springtime before the buds fully open. It is minimally processed to preserve its purity and potency, resulting in a higher concentration of antioxidants than even green tea or black tea.

One of nature’s most potent antioxidants and the most active molecule in White Tea, EGCG (EpiGallocatechin Gallate Glucoside) comes from the tips of the precious leaves. It acts like a “molecular sponge” that captures damaging free radicals, soothes skin and reduces visible ageing signs. Bioengineering technology transforms and stabilizes EGCG to optimise skin compatibility and strengthen its antioxidant power.

Key Benefits:

  • Cleanse skin of makeup and impurities
  • Remove excess sebum
  • Nourish and soothe
  • Purify and balance
  • Defend against environmental aggressors

Our Core Values:

  • Vegan and Natural.
  • Clean Formula.
  • Skin Friendly.
  • Real Results.
  • Sustainable Forward.

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